seveneightnine is a UK based company, specialising in building bespoke, highly scalable applications for the web.

With over ten years experience, we consult, architect, design, develop and build. We help SaaS businesses launch and manage their products online.

We're an AWS solution provider, and specialise in utilising Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) to provide a platform for bigger, faster and more reliable applications on the web.


We work with leading companies from sectors including automotive, construction, charity and nonprofit.

(for competitive reasons, most of our consulting clients preferred to be unnamed)

Alliance Contracts Civilian London GT Porsche HillMoren Microlise Netsmith Raising IT Civilian London Unity Media Plc

Current Projects

Although we're not taking on any new clients through 2012 (we're busy working on something big with Raising IT), we're always happy to hear from anyone with interesting projects. The best way to contact us is via Twitter @seveneightnine.